Paulina Żaczek

Paulina Żaczek is the founder of Granko Agency, an international booking agency based in Kraków, Poland, and a communication specialist focused on culture. She is also producing and curating music and community events, and is mostly interested in developing the local scene. Between 2010 and 2020 she was part of the Unsound Festival team, mainly working as the festival’s PR Manager. She was also one of the key players involved in Szpitalna 1 club’s success, where she was a PR Manager and Creative Director until mid-2019. This year she was granted a Creative Scholarship of the city of Krakow for her project of Granko Music School. Granko is a term of endearment for a „gig” in Polish language, as Granko has its roots in the love of music and respect for club culture.


  • workshops
  • panel discussions