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Since 2005 she has been associated with the Polish electronic music scene as a promoter, music artist and DJ.She is the originator and co-founder of Oramics, a platform that supports women, non-binary, and the LGBTQ+ community in the clubbing scene. In 2009 she founded Behind The Stage collective and label, focused on the experimental and industrial side of techno music.

In recent years she has played in clubs such as Tresor, about: blank, Suicide Circus and Dalston Superstore (London). She has also presented her music live at such festivals as Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Instytut and Avant Art Festival.

Her music has featured on Vanity Pill (UK), OBSKUR (CAN), One Instrument (DE), Kashev Tapes (CH), Pointless Geometry (PL), Oramics (PL), Unknown Timeline (PL), Behind The stage (PL).
The sounds she creates or plays in her DJ sets are a mixture of techno, deconstructed IDM, and broken sounds.