aleksandra ołdak


lucía vives




(from a drone view)

In the speed of a tornado, 2:15AM feels like a century turning –

suddenly we’re not able to distinguish anyone’s hands nor habit any known word.

The first time I tried a 50-50 grind on a curb I only landed it while holding my friend’s hands, the second try worked with the left hand only and the third one was thanks to their pinky finger.

(I’ve never managed alone)

Our eyes are quicker adapting to the dark. We barely stutter. Our blood becomes closer to gunpowder.


Running backwards in escalators with firecrackers on our feet – pro level

(we still get a few points for trying)

Xs are left where the biggest flame hits


(I’ve never managed alone)


I forgot my password, can you come over?

(I’ve never managed alone)

Still hear you saying:

I can drive you whenever I just don’t know how to park so we’ll go endlessly uphill r/tuning knifes in #f

(I’ve never managed alone)

At dawn, you adopt the name of a volcano.

I smell the sweat off your headphones.

Blue eyes white dragon.

Biking back home, I avoid the bumps on the pavement and remember the texture of your tattoos in the dark.

Long nights wait ahead.